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July 9, 2015 - Dewey, Montessori, and the Need to Re-imagine Education: Marsha Enright Considers

Whatever you think of John Dewey--and there is certainly a range of thought about the man--he was not a fan of factory-style education. He objected strenuously to what would be popularly termed Taylorism, or the application of assembly-line techniques and operations to schools and classrooms. It's a fight Dewey and contemporaries such as Maria Montessori largely lost. In fact, much of the centralizaion and standardization we see in our education system today can be traced back to managerialist trends that entirely overtook our education system in Dewey and Montessori's era. This is the reality that frames today's segement of the conversation between Resounding Books Editor-in-Chief Kirsten Lombard and Marsha Familaro Enright, founder of the Reason, Individualism, Reason Institute. 

Yesteday, Kirsten and Marsha started an exploration of key differences between Dewey and Montessori. Today, they continue that track as an entrée into a discussion about the need to spur a re-imagining of education and schools. Are we too entrenched to escape the trap in whcih we've placed ourselves over the past century? Or are we capable of breaking out of the box and creating something that could work far better for a much wider array of individual children, parents, teachers...and even society more broadly?

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