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November 2, 2015 - Poll: Are You Interested in Honing Your Skills as a Persuasive Writer?

Writing is one of the most crucial skills we need as citizens and activists. 

  • Ideas
  • Principles
  • Concerns
  • Hopes
  • Opportunities
  • Possibilities
  • Needs
  • Goals

Not one of these things--or any number of a hundred others that we haven't listed--can be transmitted to others effectively...unless we understand how to communicate with the audiences we need to reach.

While there are plenty of great activism and leadership learning opportunities out there, it's very difficult to find one that works with individuals in an intensive way to hone their persuasive writing skills.

That leaves us with a great opening that's right in our wheelhouse.

As part of our effort to boost local activism on common ground issues, we're in the process of designing an in-depth weekend workshop program that we'd like to launch in early 2016. We have tons of know-how in this area, and we're really excited to press forward with making this possibility a reality.

BUT...there are some key questions we still need to get answered in order to structure the opportunity correctly. 

Could you take a few minutes to answer five brief questions for us? 

The information you provide will shed more light on exactly how this first workshop should unfold. 

If you know others who'd be interested in a chance to build their writing skills, we'd love it if you'd share this brief survey with them. The more feedback we can get, the better off we'll be in ensuring that we provide something just right...and truly amazing. 

Thanks for your assistance in helping us to bring you something that we trust will be of remarkable value.

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