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January 19, 2016 - Countdown to [Counter]Action Begins Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we'll begin a five-day countdown to the launch of a major, project-based initiative to push back against the false narrative of ACCOUNTABILITY in education. Those who've been following us over the last couple of weeks already know what "inspired" us to put this initiative together.

Today, wanted to give you a hint as to what to watch for on each day of the countdown...

Memes, Memes, Memes!

As part of the countdown, we thought it would be interesting to produce a different, powerful meme every image and a quote from a person who has contributed in some manner to the false narrative of accountability. It might be an historical figure. It might be a current reformer. That's part of the surprise. Someone very different will be selected each day. But it will give us all one more powerful tool with which to talk about the ways in which sacrificing true education in favor of compliance with a damaging system fails students, parents, teachers, taxpayers, and society more broadly.

In fact, because we're so excited about this idea, we're starting early. The first meme will be released today on Twitter and Facebook.

Be watching...

HINT: It leverages a quote from a person we've written about quite recently here on Resounding Books' blog.

Mystery Judges Revealed...

We've noted on several occasions that the initiative we're launching will be project-based and citizen-led--that we'll be inviting you to join us in creatively making a difference. We've also hinted that we have a great panel of judges lined up to consider the ideas who submit. What we haven't told you is who those quite remarkable judges are...

So, for every single day of the countdown, starting tomorrow, we're going to reveal the identify of one of the five competition judges. They come from diverse political and ideological backgrounds. They come from diverse parts of the United States. They all have different areas of expertise and influence. But, despite all of their differences, they also all have two things in common:

  1. They care deeply about students, teachers, and true education.
  2. They have loads of activism experience in their communities and beyond.

We're super excited about the panel, and we suspect you will be too. So, stay tuned to start learning who they are...

Signing off for now.

See you tomorrow...right back here at Resounding Books.

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