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September 29, 2015 - Common Core, Homeschool, and Considerations for 2016: Pt 3 of Our Interview with Gail Nelson

Gail Nelson, the intrepid founder of Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine is no shrinking violet. While she's entirely amicable, she's thought through her principles. When asked, she'll tell you what she thinks and where she stands. It's one of the reasons we like her so much. Saying what one truly thinks is risky...but it's also the only way we can build understanding, trust, and relationships that can make a difference.

In this final installment of Kirsten's conversation with Gail, she covers a lot of valuable ground, including: 

  • Why is it crucial for homeschoolers to know about Common Core, rather than leaving it to parents who send their children to public school?
  • How can homeschoolers help each other and others to avoid the pitfalls of false education reforms?
  • How did our society end up where we are today with education and other matters?
  • What's worth considering as we head into the 2016 elections?

Plus, she shares an incredibly valuable resource for parents who are trying to avoid using Common Core-aligned materials. What is it?  Watch to find out...

It's possible you won't agree with all of Gail's perspective. But she's guaranteed to give you a lot of food for thought. And at Resounding Books, that's what we're all about. 

Enjoy the conversation...and the opportunity to consider.

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