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September 23, 2015 - Small Town with High Opt-Out Rates under Siege by CT Dept of Education

At Resounding Books, we stand uniquivocally with local anti-Common Core activists who are on the front lines of the battle for true education every single day. Wherever we can, we want to lend a hand when a call comes for assistance. 

This evening we received word from Nick Coppola at Connecticut against Common Core that an alarming situation is unfolding in his state. In Nick's own words:

This past year, the small town of Sherman, CT, stood tall and sent the message that their children were not to be the subjects of illegitimate standards and assessments. The district had a SBAC refusal rate of 48% elementary and 57% middle school.

Now, the Commissioner for the Connecticut Department of Education, Dr. Dianna Wentzell, will march on Sherman with her attorney allies from C.A.B.E (CT Association of Boards of Education) in order to bring "educational experts" to show Shermanites the errors of their ways.

The meeting, to be held 7PM (tomorrow 9/24) in the multi-purpose room of the Sherman School will surely not be an objective panel, but more likely a combination of sales and warnings regarding what could happen if Sherman fails to comply.

We know this because the State Department of Education refuses to listen to true experts and refuses to consider the copious data that citizens continue to provide in urging CT to change its course.

Citizens should be asking why C.A.B.E. is coming to sit at the table when Boards of Education pay, out of tax payer funds, to be members of C.A.B.E.. Shouldn't C.A.B.E. represent the interests of those who pay for their service, as opposed to using their position to influence Board conduct?

Whether you are from Sherman or not, we need to all be Shermanites and stand with the decisions of parents and the decisions of local communities to decide how to best run their schools. Please show your support...share this post, attend the meeting tomorrow, and call the Sherman Board of Education (860) 355-3793 to let them know you support parents' choices to refuse consent!

Here's a town whose citizens have done a remarkable job at achieving opt-outs from high-stakes standardized assessments in an effort to fight false education reform, protect their students and teachers, and maximize real teaching and learning in the classroom. But the CT Department of Education is having none of it. The squeeze is about to be put on these folks.

Make no mistake about it: If this bullying tactic is successful in Sherman, it will be repeated...not just across the state of Connecticut, but across the nation. Cronyistic Chief State School Officeres, State Departments of Instruction, and State Education Boards across the nation will smell blood in the water and start circling. 

That's something we just can't permit. The bullies need to know now that they should never even have considered setting foot in Sherman. In fact, they need to start considering that it's time to back off for good and leave the good people of Sherman alone.

Nick's right. We must all stand with Shermanites now. We must all be Shermanites helping them and their school board to resist what is bound to be a tremendous amount of pressure, almost certainly including threats.

We realize this is short notice. Nick didn't have much notice of it himself. But, if you live anywhere in Connecticut or within driving distance in a neigboring state, please consider the importance of this situation and do everything you can to be in Sherman on Thursday, September 24th. There need to be a lot of bodies in that little town tomorrow--a massive presence of aware, concerned, and ENGAGED citizenry in the room and around the Sherman School building when this show starts to go down. 

If you are out of state or a Connecticut resident who can't get to Sherman in person, we urge you to share this story as widely as possible in order to maximize the opportunity of many, many Connecticut citizens to see and respond to it. 


The standardizers and centralizers aren't letting up in pushing their damaging agenda on us and our children. Neither can we. We will never have control again or maintain it in any significant way unless we are willing to fight for it...and fight hard

We'll post any updates from Nick that he's able to provide.

Thanks for your dedication to the cause of true education!

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