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July 30, 2015 - Education In-Depth: Full Dialogue with Marsha Familaro Enright Now Available

Over the past couple of months, we've had a great time sharing and savoring with you, here on Resounding Books' blog, Kirsten's in-depth dialogue with Marsha Familaro Enright of the Reason, Indvidualism, Freedom Institute in Chicago. The content of the two women's conversation, captured in Chicago in late Apri ranged widely on education topics, deliving into:

  • the purpose of education
  • school choice and free markets
  • paths to accessible education
  • social status, education, and opportunity
  • reversing destabilization caused by education "reform"
  • misleading use of language and "standards"
  • common ground on education
  • local control of education
  • Dewey and Montessori
  • re-imagining education
  • the Great Connections Seminar that Enright's organization offers to teens and 20-somethings

Marsha's erudition in relationship to education theory, history, economics, and other matters shines through brilliantly, and it makes her dialogue with Kirsten a valuable reference in the fight for true educational opportunity. 

Having posted the last segment of the interview recently, we wanted to be sure to edit and post a full version for our members and friends. It's now up on YouTube and ready for you to access and share whenever you like. We've also embedded it below, for your convenience. 

Also, in case you missed it, a while back, we also strung together the segments of a valuable interview with public education activist and author, Anthony Cody, which focuses primarily on false education reform, in particular the brand pushed by longtime educrat Marc Tucker. Feel free to leverage the full version of the Cody interview, as well.

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