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June 29, 2015 - Title IX and Education Reform

One of our new favorites on Twitter is @CommonCoreDiva. We recently started interacting with her, and she does some amazing, in-depth posts that break complex education infrastructure and initiatives into simple language that most anyone could understand. The posts tend to be a bit lengthy...but trust us, they're worth it.

Today Diva tweeted us her most recent post, on Title IX. Many of you probably already know Title IX to be a comprehensive piece of major education amendments that were enacted in 1972. Ostensibly, Title IX concerns itself with equal opportunities in education. Sounds great, right? Benign. Well, not so fast...

Title IX actually has deep implications for the centralized control of education we're seeing today, never mind data collection. It has an ever-increasing number of tentacles, and people will need to understand it in order to navigate properly in fighting effectively against the educratic, cronyistic Washington education machine that threatens true education, our children's privacy, their futures, and our society more broadly. We're therefore highly recommending that our readers take advantage of Diva's work and bone up on this important piece of what we all understand to be a complex puzzle.

Never forget: To be free of the cage, one must first see it.

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