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May 21, 2015 - What Is the 21st Century Classroom? A Brief Interview with Jeffrey D. Horn

With a doctorate in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and something close to a doctorate in mathematics, Jeffrey D. Horn has a highly logical and methodical mind. It's evident in his essay in Common Ground on Common Core, "Learning with Leviathan: Objectification, Surveillance, and Control in a Concealed Command Economy." Perhaps one of the most troubling essays in the book, it examines the underying nature of the education "reforms" that have dominated the American education system for the past century and dares to pull back the veil on where they've actually been heading not just our children but our society more broadly. 

Jeff's expertise as a programmer and data scientist give him valuable insight on the current trajectory of the American education system and the pitfalls it poses. So we went to him to ask him a few pertinent questions about technology and the classroom.

We started with the "21st-Century Classroom," a phrase we've been hearing kicked around for several years now by various technology providers and resellers who advertise their ability to help schools, school districts, and states achieve it. School districts are increasingly boasting about the infrastructure projects they've undertaken to make it a reality. Admittedly, it sounds cool...modern, high-tech, beneficial. But what is it really?  And is it is as great as it sounds?  

Jeff had some interesting things to say...

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