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May 12, 2015 - Anthony Cody on Marc Tucker-style Education Reform - Pt 5, Why We Should All Unite to Reject Tucker's Agenda

In perhaps the most enlightening and important clip yet from our interview with Living in Dialogue's Anthony Cody, the author and education activist discusses the view that underlies the education vision and agenda of longtime educrat Marc Tucker and his organization, the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE). Just as importantly, Cody elaborates on why Left, Right, and everyone in between should be united in fighting the approach that Tucker continues to work assiduously to advance. 

It is precisely because most people aren't familiar with Tucker, or how he and those like him are influencing the system, that his toxic vision has gained so much steam. Large tracts of his education agenda have, in fact, already seen implementation. Other pieces are still very much in the works.

For those interested in exploring and understanding more deeply Tucker's troubling education agenda and its influence on the education reforms of the past two or more decades, we stronly encourage you to take a look at the folloiwng primary source documents: 

It's also important to recognize that Tucker and the NCEE have been instrumental in the formation of other coalitions and organizations that have advocated and facilitated detrimental "reforms" over time, such as Achieve, Inc., the Commisson on the Skills of the American Workforce, and the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. All of these coalitions or groups amount to public-private partnerships, in which elected officials have worked with Big Business to advance special interests, in the process subverting the voice, will, and proper authority of everyday citizens.

Why is Resounding Books focusing in on Tucker and those like him?  Why do we think this is one of the most important segments we captured with Anthony Cody during our interview with him? Keep an eye on future blog posts. We have a lot more to say on this front...

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