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April 27, 2015 - SATs Measure What?

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In December, Common Ground on Common Core contributor Chris Tienken published this article on his blog. He has a lot to say about the ability of the SAT assessment to measure the things the State of New Jersey is using it to determine. The problem actually extends far beyond the Garden State. From the article: 

"The policy of allowing SAT results to satisfy a graduation requirement tells us nothing about a student's overall achievement in high school…Almost 1,000 colleges and universities no longer require standardized test scores or make them optional. Seems once again that NJDOE policy is caught in a time warp and not keeping up with the times."

Hmmm…Why wouldn't so many colleges and universities be using  SAT results anymore…? Could it be that they just don't really mean anything about academic prowess or potential at all?  What are New Jersey and so many other states doing?  

We should all be asking.

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