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April 25, 2015 - Help Us Make Common Ground on Common Core's Amazon Debut a Success!

Cover Image for Common Ground on Common Core Vol 1

YES! Common Ground on Common Core is now on Amazon!

People have been asking us for a while whether we planned to leverage the world's most prominent online book market. We took some time to consider how best to do so, but we've now arrived at a great solution. Of course, we never do anything the usual way...

The full book, in print and digital formats, will continue to be available only on the Resounding Books website. However, we've now also divided the book into mini-collections for Kindle, offered exclusively through Amazon.


Yup. Every single essay from the original book is represented. But we've divided them up into four compelling mini-collections from the full work, distributing different kinds of voices and concerns as evenly as possible.

Why did we do it this way...?

Most importantly, it gives people a convenient, low-risk way to explore Common Ground on Common Core and discover just how valuable its essays are. Each volume is priced at either $3.99 or $4.99. If people download one mini-collection and find value in it, they can purchase others at their discretion or head to the Resounding Books website to purchase a complete edition of the book in the format of their choice.

We trust that giving people an opportunity to sample the essays in this way will prove extremely powerful in further boosting awareness of Common Ground and how it can be leveraged in the fight against false education reform.

But we need your help to fan the flames of interest.

Nothing speaks to a potential reader like a positive review. Resounding Books Network members like you  know the worth of the information and insights the Common Ground essays provide. We know you are the right people to be communicating about the essays to people who haven't yet read them.

Below are links to the Amazon listings for each of the four volumes and a summary of which essays are included in each. 

Volume 1: Sandra Stotsky (Validation Committee essay), Jeffrey D. Horn, Kris L. Nielsen, S. Wharton, Brian Medved

Volume 2: Shane Vander Hart, Sandra Stotsky (ELA standards essay), Ceresta Smith, Karen Lamoreaux, Marsha Familaro Enright

Volume 3: R. James Milgram & Ze'ev Wurman, William A. Estrada, Mary Calamia, Jed Hopkins & Tim Slekar

Volume 4: Christopher H. Tienken, Jane Robbins, Christine T., Morna McDermott

Via our contact page, send us a link to any review you post on Amazon. For each review you write that we're able to verify (maximum of one per Amazon listing) we'll give you five points toward a rewards program we're in the process of building. The first twenty points you accumulate earns a free Kindle version of the full edition of Common Ground on Common Core. Keep the reward for yourself or designate the recipient of your choice. Either way, we'd be delighted to thank you in this way for helping us to make our Amazon debut a true success.

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