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April 23, 2015 - Pending Projects: Updating and Republishing Beverly Eakman's Cloning of the American Mind

Beverly Eakman 

When Beverly Eakman published Cloning of the American Mind in 1998, she exposed a range of information not meant to be understood by the average citizen. One of the book's most important contributions was a thoughtful, well-documented case that the U.S. Department of Education (DoED) was both gathering and warehousing personal data on children and their families. Arguing that this data collection was both invasive and purposeful, Eakman traced troubling historic trends in education, including landmark legislation. She also warned that in a world of increasingly powerful computers and networking systems, student data was ever more vulnerable to linkage with information housed by other government agencies. 

Seventeen years later, Eakman's concerns seem nothing short of prophetic. The DoED has basically made student data available to anyone who poses the request correctly--including corporations.  Moreover, her analysis that the data being kept on students is being used unethically is born out on multiple fronts--from workforce development schemes to model legislation that would facilitate direct marketing to children in the classroom.

So, it is with great pleasure that Resounding Books announces that we are now working with Ms. Eakman to complete a major re-edit of Cloning of the American Mind, with substantial updates that bring the valuable information it contains into the present. Never boring, Eakman's reworking of the original book promises to be every bit as engrossing and pertinent as the 1998 edition.

We consider this project a perfectly timed follow-up project. Where Common Ground on Common Core provides specific insights on the most recent chapter in false education reform, Cloning will help readers understand in greater depth the history and mechanics of how we have arrived where we are. In fact, without this sort of knowledge of the infrastructure that has been laid down over decades, those fighting to restore true education are liable to fall into clever sand traps. 

The editing process for Cloning is now underway. We look forward to bringing you the republished work sometime late in 2015 or early 2016. Look for us to provide periodic news on the project as it unfolds.

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