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December 4, 2015 - JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Resounding Books Gift Certificates Are Here

Packing gifts and standing in long lines to send them to distant parts can put a real crimp in your holiday time and spirit. So can loading and toting around lots of gifts in the car.

At Resounding Books, we've got a plan that allows you to express your thoughtfulness to the people you want to remember, make your gift-giving significantly more compact and convenient, and keep your holidays every bit as special.


Resounding Books Gift Certificates

We've just introduced gift certificates for both print and digital editions of Common Ground on Common Core. Giving the gift of knowledge couldn't be better timed. Congress is currently rushing to push through a massive education bill that will cement false education reform for years to come. Let the experts in this book help your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to understand exactly what is being entrenched so that they know better how to push back.

Here's how our gift certificates work...

  1. You purchase gift certificates for print and/or digital editions of the book right here on the Resounding Books orders page.
  2. We'll send the certificates straight to you, so that you can personalize and deliver them yourself.
    Or, for digital editions, if you prefer, we'll fill out a certificate on your behalf and send it straight to your chosen recipient.

For print copies, we can also send a book directly to any recipient you choose and, at your request, insert an attractive gift card to let them know who provided the gift.

We look forward to helping you make your holidays something truly remarkable this year...and to bringing the gift of insight to the people in your life who matter.

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