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December 2, 2015 - ESEA/ESSA VOTE TODAY: No Time, No, Transparency, No Truth


As readers are already likely aware, the vote on ESEA/ESSA is being shoved through with lightening speed. Every promise that Paul Ryan made for a fairer, more orderly and transparent process is being broken within weeks of his assuming the role of House Speaker on one of the very first major business items to be voted upon under his leadership.

We now know that business will begin in the House at 12:00pm ET. ESEA/ESSA is the first item of business on the agenda. Per House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a measley ONE HOUR has been allowed for debate on the now 1,061 page bill. It's nothing short of a travesty.

It should be clear to everyone watching this process that a massive effort is in motion to get this bill passed before most legisaltors or their constituents can see past the glowing talking points. Leadership doesn't want it understood what the language of this bill really accomplishes or what its impacts will actually be on students, teachers, parents, local school districts, states, and true education--at least, not until it's too late. Make no mistake: The ed deformers are determined. We need to be just as determined and use every last minute to try to break through to federal legislators

We Still Need Your Help...

...right up to the last minute, with enlisting state legislators to contact their federal counterparts with concerns. Find all of the information, complete with valuable tools, right here, along with info about general trends we're seeing in the House currently.

Also, note this additional resource that Dr. Karen Effrem just sent us in the wee hours of this morning to help combat the lie that there are "no new pre-K programs" in this bill.

Whatever happens, win or lose, we need to be swinging all the way to the finish line. Leadership in Washington needs to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if they shove this bill through, they do so WITHOUT the consent of the governed or their elected state and local representatives.

Watch the Proceedings Live

You can view the floor proceedings from the official website of the House of Representatives.

Consider live-tweeting what you're observing so that even while they're on the floor, representatives will know that we're paying attention.

At Resounding Books, we continue to be grateful for all you are doing to spread the word, educate others, enlist help from your state and local officials, and defend true education. We offer you our sincere thanks. It's a great privilege to have so many committed and engaged citizens fighting along side us. You inspire us every day.

One more time, keep fighting...because RETREAT IS DEFEAT.


#EndFedEd and all of the cronyism that goes with it.

UPDATE 1:15pm CT: We've been told that the FLOOR VOTE on ESEA/ESSA is now likely to take place around 5:30-6:00pm ET. Stay tuned and please don't let up on your federal and state legislators to take official stands against this deceptive bill.

UPDATE 1:25 PM CT, DEC. 2ND: Dr. Mary Byrn has just sent another excellent, citation-filled resource to leverage with state and federal legislators.  

UPDATE 4:44pm CT, DEC. 2ND: Some information on which way the wind is blowing...

Be aware that several high profile organizations are on record as spouting the deceptive talking points and urging YES votes on ESSA. In doing so, they are selling out students, parents, and teachers. Some that have specifically come to our attention include but are certainly not limited to: 

  • New York State Union of Teachers (NYSUT)
  • AASA (school superintendents association)
  • Utah's Prosperity 2020 (a Chamber-backed economic/workforce development organization)

Some that we know are standing against:

  • Eagle Forum

REMEMBER: ANY reason that we can use to get legislators to vote no on this very dangerous bill is a valuable lever right now.

For example: Eagle Forum has, in fact, sent out a message today with the following information that may well be powerful in reaching state and federal Republicans who are solid on life issues:

[S]ection 8035 of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)...provides funds for school-based health centers. According to this provision, these funds are distributed in accordance with the Public Health Service Act. Under the Public Health Service Act, Planned Parenthood has been designated as an eligible recipient of government funds. Staffers with the Education and Workforce Committee could not confirm that Planned Parenthood would be ineligible for ESSA funds.

Conservatives have long sought to cut off federal funds to Planned Parenthood. It would be tragic to provide a new funding stream in a K-12 bill. At the bvery least, the House ought to postpone consideration of the ESSA to allow further study of this and other provisions contained in teh 1,061 pages of the bill.


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