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December 13, 2015 - LIMITED-TIME HOLIDAY OFFER: Buy Two of Any Item, Get the Third Free!

We promised you a holiday gift...and we meant it!

At Resounding Books, the spirit of the season is in full swing.

We're not skimping this year!

From now through December 31st...

When you purchase two of any item we offer--whether it's the print edition of Common Ground on Common Core, the digital edition, or gift certificates for either--we'll throw in an extra of the same item FREE.*

NOPE...we're not kidding. 

For instance...

Purchase two print copies of Common Ground on Common Core and get a third print copy free. Or, purchase two gift certificates for the Kindle-compatible edition and get a third gift certificate for the Kindle-compatible edition free

Apply the deal to any item.

On the orders page, simply select a quantity of 3 for any item. The cost of the third will automatically be deducted from your purchase total.

It's as simple as that!

Why are we doing this...?

Two important reasons...

First, we know that at this season of the year, your dollars need to stretch further as you make an effort to remember all of the important people in your life.

Second, we want you and yours to have the most enlightening holiday season possible.

Congress just passsed the most massive federal education bill to be introduced in 10 years, a reauthorization of No Child Left Behind. While it's proponents are saying glowing things about the updated law, analysis already indicates it's not what many would have us believe. Now, more than ever, solid facts, incisive perspective, and opportunities for open, honest dialogue are of the essence. Parents, teachers, and others who care about education will be seeking them.

Common Ground on Common Core delivers every respect.

The volume's 18 highly engaging essays are written by top education experts and activists, covering multiple aspects of the dangerous false reforms unfolding in K-12 education--all in plain language that anyone can understand. 

Learn more about...

  • the Common Core mathematics and English Language Arts standards and why they are bound to shortchange students
  • why the standards can't actually be called "state-led"
  • the manipulative use of international assessments to increase centralized, standardized education
  • the negative emotional and psychological consequences of Common Core and high-stakes assessments for students
  • the risks to student data privacy
  • how Common Core penalizes kids with learning differences
  • the troubling impacts on minority kids and commmunities
  • how false education reforms are undermining the craft of teaching in K-12 and beyond
  • the "jobs of the future" for which Common Core claims to prepare kids
  • ramifications for parental rights
  • how influential organizations are pushing a false reform agenda
  • what education might look like if we liberated it
  • how to inform and engage others in a fight for true education
  • and more...

Read the book straight through or explore essays of interest in whatever order desired.

As reviewers have noted, the book--in any edition--is "quite simply, the best single resource" to dispel confusion around a crucial topic and provide a foundation for recognizing and resisting a continuing wave of false reforms. 

Better still, the book was carefully designed to be handed to anyone, regardless of politics.

It's perfect for individual reading or as fare for discussion groups. 

Understanding and hope are two of the most priceless gifts you can offer. Let us help you provide them to those that matter most to you.

Don't miss out on this limited-time, special offer. 

From Resounding Books to you and your loved ones...

Happy Holidays!


* Shipping charges still apply.

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