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November 5, 2015 - FREE SHIPPING to Celebrate Common Ground on Common Core's First Anniversary

It's hard to believe that Common Ground on Common Core has already been in print for ONE FULL YEAR.

Celebrating the book's anniversary wouldn't be any fun at all...unless we could share it with our friends. 

Revisiting a Book Unlike Any Other

When we published this remarkable volume of essays last November, it was the only volume to include voices from across the political spectrum--Left, Right, and everything in between. 20 top experts and activists, all gathered within its pages, united in communicating the problems and dangers false education reform poses for students, teachers, parents, and society more broadly.

Christopher Tienken, Sandra Stotsky, Kris Nielsen, Jim Milgram and Ze'ev Wurman, Jane Robbins, Ceresta Smith...

These are just a few of the articulate informed individuals of exceptional caliber that poured their insight and efforts into devastating essays contained in Common Ground on Common Core. The essays don't cover every angle of the topic, but they cover some of the most important, including some that remain too little discussed. It's impossible to leaf through the book's content without gaining new insights into what has become the single most controversial education initiative since the likewise detrimental No Child Left Behind.

In fact, when it comes to the book's uniqueness, nothing has changed. There's still no other tool like it. Because of the diversity and the quality of thought, experience, and research it contains, one policy analyst reviewing Common Ground continues to call it "the best single resource for understanding and fighting back against Common Core that exists," while an investigative journalist asserts that that it "demolishes Common Core fraud." It's become a favorite of education activists nationwide.

We're so excited about what we've accomplished with this book--the partnerships we've built to make it happen, as well as the ways in which this tool continues to help parents, teachers, taxpayers, and activists across the United States to push back.

Our Gift to You in Celebration--FREE SHIPPING!

For the entire month of November we'll cover your STANDARD SHIPPING costs on orders of any size.

One book or 100, it doesn't matter how many copies you purchase, we'll make sure all you pay for is the books.

In fact, we've already got our orders page set up to waive the shipping fees automatically.

It's our way of saying thank you to you for your commitment to true education and your ongoing efforts on behalf of it.

Now's the perfect time to grab a copy of Common Ground on Common Core for yourself, a family member, neighbor, friend, or colleague. And of course, because of the thoughtful editing we did with this book, you can still hand it to anyone, regardless of politics or ideology, and know that it will provide valuable information without alienating anyone.

Celebrate with us, and enjoy our gift to you. 

Here's to the first anniversary of an amazing book...and here's to you!


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