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October 30, 2015 - Happy Halloween: A Special Common Core Ghouling...

I (Kirsten) tend to be more of a Christmas person than a Halloween one, but something happened a couple of nights ago that caused me to find absolute delight in a holiday that is supposed to be...well, scary. 

One of our Resounding Books members, Michelle, shot me a Facebook message. She said she knew it was late, and if I didn't have the time to respond she would understand...but her daughter Clarice was trying to come up with a Common Core-themed costume to wear to school. She wondered if I could help her with some slogans used in the anti-Common Core movement from which she and her daughter could, together, brainstorm an interesting ensemble. So, I threw three or four suggestions her way...

...and whaddya know!  One of them worked!  I couldn't even have imagined how brilliant Michelle and Clarice would be at bringing that slogan to life...MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Clarice, who had the final say on slogan choice, and "Hands off My Data" was the hands-down winner.

Check it out for yourself...BEST.HALLOWEEN.COSTUME.EVER! 

 Hands off My Data Costume


Hands Off My Data Costume

Talk about creativity. This costume has it all: ghoulish zombie makeup, bloody hands, a whole list of data items written out in the thumbs and fingers, Pink Floyd lyrics, a fearsome bandana, PLUS...a follow up slogan that totally kicks butt: "Mine your own business."

Too, too good.

And let's talk about the other part of this amazing endeavor: Clarice's boldness of spirit to want to personify and take a message like this to school. I hope teachers were at least quietly patting Michelle's daughter on the back and whispering appreciation and encouragements in her ears.

As for school administrators, who tend to side with the education deformers...maybe, just maybe, this costume gave them a good ol' Halloween fright. 

BOO!!!! [insert thunderclaps and spooky music here]


NOTE: If you have cool stuff you're doing at home, school, or in your community to push back against Common Core, let me know. We'd love to feature you and your efforts here on the blog.

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